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While nothing can truly slow the hands of time, there are numerous anti-aging treatments that can help you look and feel younger. Renata Orna, DO, at ReViva Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida, offers some of the most advanced anti-aging options available, and is proud of the way these treatments have transformed the lives of those in her care. If you’re interested in learning how to fight against aging, call the office to book an appointment, or try the easy online scheduling tool.

Anti-Aging Q & A

What is anti-aging?

The term anti-aging is used in numerous ways. In the scientific community, anti-aging treatments prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging. 

During childhood, your cells regenerate at a swift pace. Throughout early adulthood, your body continues to renew itself continually, which is why it is easier to recover from injuries and illness. Once you move into middle and old age, the pace of cellular regeneration slows, leaving you more susceptible to disease and a range of age-related conditions. 

What is the role of preventive health in anti-aging? 

Preventive health offers the ability to screen for signs of disease in the earliest possible stages when treatments can be most effective. This approach also empowers you to make meaningful lifestyle changes that have anti-aging effects. 

It’s difficult to overstate the importance that good nutrition and staying physically active has on your overall health and wellness. Dr. Orna works closely with you to find ways to improve your daily lifestyle and boost your health. 

Many of the treatments available at ReViva Wellness Center offer anti-aging benefits. For example, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections help your body regenerate new tissue within damaged joints. IV therapy delivers an infusion of essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy cell development. 

Even bioidentical hormone replacement therapy brings anti-aging benefits. This treatment supplements your declining hormone production to reverse some of the symptoms associated with reduced estrogen and testosterone production. 

What are the available anti-aging injectables?

ReViva Wellness Center also offers anti-aging treatments that can help you look as young as you feel. Dr. Orna guides you toward the treatments best suited for your specific set of needs, such as:


Botox is a popular treatment that works by limiting the ability of certain facial muscles to go through their full range of motion, reducing the severity of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines between your brows. 


Juvéderm offers dermal filler formulations to increase facial volume. These treatments can soften the creases near your mouth and chin, plump your lips, or add volume in your cheeks. 

Which aesthetics treatments offer anti-aging benefits?

ReViva Wellness Center offers a range of anti-aging treatments, including:

  • Dermabrasion, which manually removes the outermost layers of your skin to reveal a layer of fresh cells
  • Chemical peels, which use a chemical solution to exfoliate the outermost layers of skin cells
  • PDO and lifting threads, which lift the skin and prompt new collagen production
  • Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, which uses shallow, sterile needles to promote new collagen development

To learn more about aesthetic anti-aging treatments or preventive health, schedule an appointment at ReViva Wellness Center today, online or over the phone.